Everybody’s doing it at home! Almost. Home cocktail mixing has taken off, big-time in recent years.

It’s trending everywhere, across Europe, the UK and US, and beyond.

It’s all likely down to the incredible new high-quality craft spirits, flavours and ingredients coming onto the market in recent years. The pandemic too, gave aspiring mixologists all the time they needed to practice mixing their favourite cocktail.

A massive help is given because you can buy every type of professional bartender tools directly online!

And the trend is continuing…

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Growth of cocktail mixing at home

CGA, global hospitality data analysts recently reported:

And there’s further proof of the phenomenal growth of home cocktail mixing. Based upon the number of households who boast their own collection of cocktail mixing tools.

The Bacardi Consumer Survey 2021 found:

In the US:

In the UK:

Learning to be a bartender and mixologist means you must have the right equipment at your fingertips. It also helps to have the latest super cool shakers, strainers and jiggers. In shining gold, stainless steel or copper. Nothing like pro bartender tools to give your cocktails that extra wow factor.

Let’s look in more detail. Starting with…

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 It’s the most well-known of bartender tools. The defining image of cool cocktail mixing flair and magic. A shaker

enables you to mix ingredients while still keeping them chilled.

The reason is:

The outcome is a super silky, smoother-tasting drink because the alcohol and the added flavour enhancers are perfectly balanced in the blended mix.

There are three types of cocktail shakers:

Boston Shaker

Normally, the preferred choice of the professional bartender and mixologist when building their bar tools. The Boston boasts a large shaker tin with a small shaker tin, firmly sealed together, or a pint glass securely fitting inside. It’s important to note that you will need to obtain the strainer and jigger separately.

Cobbler Shaker

This is the one that’s recommended for anyone starting out because it’s easy to use. It’s also popular with home mixologists, and with good reason. The Cobbler is known as a “3-piece set”. It comes with everything you need – a tin, a lid with a built-in strainer, and a cap to prevent spills during the all-important shaking. It’s able to serve one or two cocktails at a time, so ideal for homemade cocktails for family or friends.

French (or Parisian) Shaker

The French shaker combines great features of both the Boston and Cobbler shaker. It’s more leak-proof than the Boston and, like the Cobbler, also has a shaker tin and lid – but not a built-in strainer.

The next essential cocktail tools every mixologist must have, are…

The Jigger

Generally available as double ‘jigger’ cups (where one cup is slightly larger than the other). It’s used for precisely measuring the amount of alcohol when making a cocktail.

The Bar Strainer

Important bartender tool for filtering liquids, typically used after a drink has been shaken or stirred to remove the ice, fruit or other solids.

There are three types of bar strainer:


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