Hi Tech Equipment Behind The Cocktail Bar

Who isn’t still fascinated by the gravity-defying skills and fast-finger dexterity of the cocktail bartender. Zipping through his traditional bar tools, from mixing spoon and jigger to mixing glass and cocktail shaker.

But hi-tech innovation is transforming the world of cocktails. Led by mixologist and bartender, alike, to prepare the latest drinks. Whether experimenting with new cocktail combinations or applying techniques from molecular gastronomy.

Let’s dive right in…

State of the art

Today’s cocktail bars can serve as a mixologist’s laboratory as well as a dramatic stage for classic cocktail mixing.

Behind today’s coolest cocktail bar, you are sure to find state-of-the-art tech equipment, from blenders and brulee burners to flaming torches, and smokers & aromatizers.

Juicers and blenders

You are sure to see the latest hi-tech juicers and blenders for making juice extract to add to a cocktail, and for preparing crushed ice.

Bar torches

Adjustable gas torch lighters are handy, palm-sized tech for creating the perfect smoked cocktail.

Smoker & Aromatizers

A manual metallic smoker allows a gentle infusion of real smoke to add a subtle, delicious flavour – and aroma – to excite the cocktail senses.

Cocktail hi-tech revolution

The hi-tech revolution of the cocktail bar is often led by molecular mixologists constantly developing new techniques, and even types of equipment.

Molecular mixology took off in the 2000s and early 2010s. A new cocktail scene emerged, which saw bartenders reviving cocktail classics. At the same time, they relooked at the current cocktail and drink mixing processes, and aesthetics.

Molecular mixology uses the techniques and equipment of molecular gastronomy to create today’s most out-there cocktails with a twist.

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Straight forward to use

Hi-tech equipment on the bar is often very straightforward to use. One typical use in molecular mixology is in the process of spherification.

There is also another process called:

The equipment includes a typical spherification pack containing all the necessary tools needed at every stage in the process:

Hi-tech equipment in the molecular mixology process can come in a variety of different forms, including:

Rapid infusion

The mixologist on the bar may choose to add those delicate, subtle flavours to a cocktail using ‘rapid infusion’.

Where once, full flavour saturation of a liquid could take days, ‘rapid infusion’ enables the process to be completed in only a few short minutes.

A typical rapid infusion kit includes items such as a sieve gasket, sieve, and ventilation tube.

Nitro Siphon

Nitrogen craft cocktails are often a fun, bubbly must-have at any venue or occasion. These days,  the nitro siphon tends to be the one hi-tech item always on the bar. Ready for making soft bubbly cocktails, with or without alcohol and flavouring.

Adding nitrogen gas to any drink makes it foamy as the bubbles appear to “cascade” upwards to the top of the glass. Nitrogen bubbles are smaller than CO2 bubbles, giving nitro drinks such as cocktails a uber, silky-cream texture topped with a soft-melt, velvety foam crown.

Digital scales

It’s unlikely you will see a cocktail bar that doesn’t have a set of digital scales at the ready at the back of the bar. Cocktail bartenders can use both traditional bar tools and technology. But many of today’s innovations in cocktail concepts require the very precise measures needed for the subtlest balance of flavours.

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