Matsui Sakura Cask 70 cl


Distilled by Kurayoshi, Kurayoshi city – Tottori prefecture.
Aged in Sakura, famous and iconic Japanese cherrytree. This tree holds and important place in Japanese culture. It often used as a metaphor on ephemerality of beauty and life. It always has been a source of inspiration for Japanese artistsAging takes place in the Tottori prefecture in a natural environment where temperature vary drastically from season to season. It is then diluted down with high quality natural spring water from Mont Daisen.
This masterpiece made with heart and passion by the Matsui team!

Country: Japan

ABV: 48

Aged in Sakura Cask. Non chilled filtered non collored

Nose: Almond, faint hints of fresh orange and melon, sawdust spiciness.

Palate: Baking spices and citrus once again. A light whiff of spring blossom later on.

Finish: White pepper heat and vanilla sponge cake.