Smoker & Aromatizer Super Aladin©


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Unique manual metallic smoker, resistant to daily or semi -industrial use. It allows you to infuse small quantities of food with real smoke, adding a delicious flavour and subtlety.

  • Aluminium propeller ensures a total heat resistance.
  • Large combustion tank that will allow you to burn other components than sawdust, like small woodchips.
  • The new Super Aladin© engine design, avoids the entrance of oils and resins into the engine increasing the strength and durability of it.
  • Its foot or detachable base along with its weight, provides a greater stability to the equipment avoiding accidents and the spilling of sawdust or ashes on the work surface.
  • The new monobloc switch is located on the body, far from heat and protected from accidental blows or crashes.
  • A small deposit retains the resins and tars resulting from the wood combustion to avoid the entry on the engine.




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