The Illusionist 50 CL


In 2015, Tim Steglich alongside with Max Muggenthaler conceptualised a new gin: a deep blue gin characterised by a distinct fruity and floral body, topped off with a distinguished twist. When combined with tonic, the otherwise royal blue colour undergoes a natural reaction, to become a gentle pink concoction. And with that, The Illusionist Dry Gin was born. Being new in the scene, the gin presented itself only to a select number of bars, and quickly became the little secret in the gastronomy of Munich. Now, it caters to a larger scale of daily memorable experiences throughout Germany and neighbouring markets.

Country: Germany

ABV: 45

Botanical: juniper, citrus, angelica, cardamom, lavender, liquorice, mace and rosemary, chamomile, coriander, cranberries, ginger, lemon grass, mace, clitoria ternatea

Tasting notes: A total of 16 botanical is giving this gin floral notes of lavender and rosemary, and a fruity finish reminding of lemons and oranges. The gin is unfiltered to keep the full range of aromas. As a result, Illusionist Dry gin is well-balanced and multidimensional with a lingering aromas.