Julep Cocktail Bar Set


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Julep cocktail is considered to be the first true American drink, enjoyed mostly in summer. This set features all the equipment you need to prepare this iconic Southern drink easily at home. All you need is your favorite bourbon! For an authentic service this set includes a pair of traditional style Julep Cups in copper plating, made of stainless steel. When filled with crushed ice, a coating of a thick white frost forms on the outside, which is almost as crucial to an authentic mint julep as the whiskey itself.

  • 2 x Julep cup – copper plated
  • 1 x Japanese Style Jigger 250/50 ml – copper plated
  • 1 x Japanese Style Bar Spoon with Fork, 40 cm – copper plated
  • Paper Straws 20cm – 100 pcs (red striped/blue striped/bamboo color)
  • 2 x Cocktail Recipe & Step-by-step guide
  • Gift Packaging