Bar Spoons Shop

Disk, tear, fork, Japanese style, and absinthe – all these bar spoons are available in our online shop in Cyprus including two styles of a swizzle sticks. The bar spoon with a disk is a perfect way to layer with style, and soft muddling and it is a must for a flair bartender. A Japanese bar spoon with a tear fits any narrow glass and helps with dissolving sugar and is a perfectly balanced bar spoon.

A Little fork at the end of your bar spoon helps you to pick up olives and cherries during the busiest nights when you can’t find any tongues.
Sizzling is a method used to mix some very specific types of drinks: crushed ice drinks and Caribbean tiki cocktails and it requires a specific tool. Insert the swizzle stick, first made in Martinique, into the glass and hold the stick between both palms. Spin the stick aerates the drink and super chills the inside of the glass and creates a beautiful frost on the exterior.