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Ferran Adria from Spain is one of the most creative chefs and is often referred to as the world’s greatest chef. In the late 80s, Adria’s creations enchanted his guests creating legendary culinary foam without sacrificing the delicious taste of the food.

Agar, Sucro, Algin, Azureta, and more no longer belong only in the chef’s hands. The greatest way to dress up your cocktail, to differentiate you from the other bars, to wow every guest that walks through your door, to bring you to the next level – all these are the job of molecular mixology tools.

With all these, you can present your best cocktails made with spherification (caviar) floated flavour cream and air-foams. Well, have you ever eaten negroni? Now you can. All of our molecular mixology supplies and molecular gastronomy supplies come with a manual to use and make a hard-looking job so easy and beautiful.