When hearing cocktail shaker everyone pictures Cobbler shaker– a 3 piece shaker and that is perfectly fine. It all started from the Cobbler when cocktails were smaller and simpler than nowadays using 2 – 3 ingredients, therefore, no need for excess water to dilute your cocktail. This stylish shaker never grows old and is perfect for preparing short chilled cocktails that do not need lots of melted ice in it eg. a Cosmopolitan cocktail.

A more common and popular shaker nowadays is the Boston shaker. Alchemy has 2 kinds of Boston cocktail shakers. The first consists of two parts, glass and stainless steel, and is perfect for cocktails that require muddling first, cocktails with fresh fruits, herbs, spices, and marmalades where it is more visible to the eye and does not require it to be opened to check if the cocktail blended well together.

The second kind of Boston shaker consists also of two parts also called Tin to Tin shaker. This shaker super-fast cools cocktail, offers higher ice water dilution in a shorter time, and fits a larger amount of liquid than others