Canaima 70 cl


Canaima gin origins lies in mysterious land of Amazonia. A mystical place of untouched beauty with natural secrets only known to few. Shelter to the largest tropical forest in the world comprising more than 390 billion trees and 10% of worlds total biodiversity

Country of origin: Venezuela

ABV: 47

Nose: Well-balanced citrus zestiness and earthy spice lead โ€“ the dual nature of juniper on a glass. Damp, leady notes fill the gaps in between bursts of fruit, with a base of soft spice hiding at the back.
Palate: The citrus is back, but savoury herbal notes build and overtake it. A flash of sweet orange and tropical fruit spirals out from the centre, with tingling, peppery spice as a counterpoint.
Finish: Earthy spice lingers, with sweet fruit slowly fading.