Glenfiddich 70 cl


The Glenfiddich 12-year-old is a classic to many and a reliable whisky to pour without too much effort. It’s also potentially the greatest omission on MALT until now, believe it or not.

Country: Scotland, Single Malt

ABV: 40

Nose: Green apples, white wine vinegar and caramel provide an inoffensive arrival. Barley drops bring sweetness alongside shortbread with lemon peel and a gentle vanilla caress. Cotton sheets and unsalted peanuts round off an ok presentation. Water reveals honey, a floral note and more oaky characteristics.

Taste: Popcorn followed by stewed apples and caramel with some tartness as well. A slight uncouth bite of alcohol on the fringes – firing through those hard stills too quickly? It suffers at 40% and is very flat.

Finish: Walnuts, cask char and a touch of black pepper on the finish.