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The Recipe

5 cl Tequila

1 cl Agave Nectar

2 cl fresh lime juice

top up with Pink grapefruit soda


salt for decoration

Rim the glass with salt. Add Tequila, agave and lime into the shaker and shake with ice. Stir into the glass with ice and top up with pink soda. Garnish with slice of pink grapefruit. Straw is optional though we recommend to sip this drink directly from the glass as to enjoy the salty rim as well. Cheers!

Recommended for a 10 people party

1 btl Tequila

1 Agave Nectar

10 btls of Pink Grapefruit Soda (20 cl)

4 fresh lime

1 pink grapefruit for decoration

salt for the rim

5 kg of ice cubes

Agave Nectar Real 50 cl


Pink Grapefruit Soda


Jose Cuervo Silver 1L