Many cocktail-loving folk love to only sip their “favourite” spirit, mixed with ingredients they know oh so well, too! The satisfyingly familiar can be totally awesome. And we all have our own, unique tastes – in food and drink.

At the same, we also know how many new and exciting spirits and cocktail flavours have exploded onto the drink mixer scene in recent years. How could any true cocktail fan not be tempted to let their tastebuds off the leash? To jump on a wild journey of taste discovery.

With just one click you can order up a taste bomb experience of mouth-watering flavours straight from your very own cool cava flutes at home.

The world of cava drinks is now a fast-expanding universe.

Let’s take a quick trip to find out more…

What is Cava and why is it a must-have for cocktails?

Cava is a sparkling wine, produced in Catalonia, northern Spain. It’s made in the same way as champagne but from different grapes, mainly the white grapes of Macabeu, Parellada, and Xarel-lo.

Another white grape sometimes used is Chardonnay, and there are also a bunch of reds too, Pinot Noir, Garnacha and Monastrell.

Champagne may be the traditional bubbly of choice in formal celebrations. But in recent years, it’s the added notes and flavour hints of Cava cocktails that are sparkling on everyone’s lips at most get-togethers and party-time occasions.

Cava may be the more affordable option but there’s another cool taste reason. Cava is fermented twice… in-bottle for nine months at least. Champagne also has a second fermentation time, in-bottle, but usually for around 6-8 weeks, only.

The extra second fermentation time means Cava wine develops a fuller ‘body’ with a set of ‘secondary characteristics’. It means you can enjoy a far more complex ‘bouquet’ accompanying the ingredient blending when Cava is used to make a cocktail or any mixed drink.

Why Cava is your ‘natural’ cocktail partner

Let’s look a little closer into why the body or ‘structure’ of Cava is so naturally compatible with the art of making the supreme, uber cocktail experience

The main factors are:

Bubble stream at the swooning heart of the cocktail experience

Cocktail Set Gifts Buy Online in CyprusIt’s important to highlight the importance of the bubble stream. It’s at the swooning heart of the Cava cocktail experience, boosting the flavour and aroma sensations.

A process of subtle blending adjustment takes place when sweet ingredients are mixed with a complex wine like Cava. Molecules rearrange harmoniously, which brings out additional notes to the acidity or flavour profile. That’s why the choice of wine for cocktail mixing is so critical. Simpler wines can go “flat” far too quickly, especially when other ingredients are added. This means the entire cocktail experience can be seriously ruined.

As we all know, the art of the cocktail is always aimed at supercharging our taste receptors for a total sensory experience. It’s no secret that the innate elements in Cava wine can be the perfect companion, lending a superior kick to the fresh ingredients used in cocktail blending.

Mixing Gin with Cava – often an irresistible combination

So let’s look at one of the most popular Cava blends in recent years – namely, gin. It’s no surprise how many new gin products have entered the market.

For many devotees, mixing gin, lemon juice, and Cava is irresistible. The combination of the tart, the herbal, and the refreshing fizz brings out the best of each ingredient.

Pomegranate Fizz – continues to be a popular cocktail. It’s a simple combination of gin, pomegranate juice and elderflower syrup. Shake well in a cocktail shaker with ice for 10-15 seconds, strain into a chilled flute glass and top up. Garnish with some pomegranate seeds and serve.

One trending gin of choice these days is Sipsmith London Dry Gin. It’s a classic London dry-style gin that uses 10 botanicals in its infusions: Juniper berries, Coriander Seed, Angelica Root, Liquorice Root, Orris Root, Ground Almond, Cassia Bark, Cinnamon, Orange Peel and Lemon Peel.

Another gin held in high regard for its crisp and delicate taste is also produced in the UK is Berkshire Botanical Dry Gin. It’s distilled with hand-picked botanicals including Norway Spruce, Juniper, Coriander, Sweet Orange peel and Grapefruit. This gin not only allows for more adventurous cocktail mixing it’s also perfectly balanced for those who love a classic G&T (Gin and Tonic).

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