World Gin Awards 2023 – The Best Gins in the World

world gin awards 2023 - the best gins in the world you can buy in Cyprus

Gin lovers around the world were excited to discover which brands grabbed trophies at the World Gin Awards 2023. Ones judged to be the best gins in the industry today. And a Cyprus gin received a gong too! We’ll spotlight which gins are industry shakers below… You may fancy trying out some new cocktail blends […]

Best Gins to Choose for Cocktails in Cyprus

Best Gins for cocktails in Cyprus 2023

  If you’re a gin-loving cocktail fan, you’ve definitely made this classic spirit your forever ‘go-to’ drink. Wherever you live in the world and are enjoying your gin cocktails, you’re sure to have your own favourite brand and flavours. They may even be among the bestselling, such as Hendricks, Monkey 47 and Sipsmith. But the […]

Hi-Tech Equipment Behind The Cocktail Bar

Hi Tech Equipment Behind The Cocktail Bar

Who isn’t still fascinated by the gravity-defying skills and fast-finger dexterity of the cocktail bartender. Zipping through his traditional bar tools, from mixing spoon and jigger to mixing glass and cocktail shaker. But hi-tech innovation is transforming the world of cocktails. Led by mixologist and bartender, alike, to prepare the latest drinks. Whether experimenting with […]

Get the pro bartender touch with these super cool cocktail mixing tools!

cocktail mixing tools, bar tools cyprus

Everybody’s doing it at home! Almost. Home cocktail mixing has taken off, big-time in recent years. It’s trending everywhere, across Europe, the UK and US, and beyond. It’s all likely down to the incredible new high-quality craft spirits, flavours and ingredients coming onto the market in recent years. The pandemic too, gave aspiring mixologists all […]

Secrets of why cava is your supercharged cocktail companion

Many cocktail-loving folk love to only sip their “favourite” spirit, mixed with ingredients they know oh so well, too! The satisfyingly familiar can be totally awesome. And we all have our own, unique tastes – in food and drink. At the same, we also know how many new and exciting spirits and cocktail flavours have […]